Ask fm hack – unmask the anonymous

The anonymity that one is offered on social media is to be used in a good way. It lets us post thoughts, words and expressions without letting others to judge us based on them. This lets us maintain the image yet express our minds freely. But, some people tend to misuse this. Asking nasty questions or passing lewd comments has become common these days. The very purpose of anonymity has been trashed. Ask fm tracker no download is a tool that helps us to see the faces behind such comments and questions on ask fm.

Well, are you wondering if the anonymity is being compromised? Of course yes. But people tend to be bullied online at social networking sites by constantly being badgered with unwanted questions, revealing secrets that are best kept hidden.

Some people use such forums to their advantage to avenge someone. Revealing secrets, passing gossip and other such foul acts tend to be committed. This leads to undesired consequences which might be serious and disastrous for some people. Now, we wouldn’t want someone to bully us or spill the beans, would we?

Ask fm hack is a hacking tool that can help in finding out who is really asking the questions. It does the work of finding out who really is the person and their identity. It isn’t fair for someone to get away with such acts. Is it?

The tool is just simple. All you have to do is share the complete URL of the question in which you find the comment. Provide your email address and then a simple captcha or work out to prove that you are not a bot. The information on the page can then be seen who has been doing the nasty work.

Ask fm itself would have the block button to block the user and avoid any further problems for you. They have a policy that if the police ask for identity revelation for criminal charges then they themselves would do so.

Now, with this brilliant tool that can work on mobiles, windows and linux you can rest assured that you could browse happily without being harassed. This is indeed a boon for those who have been going mad and wild with all the nastiness being directed at them and the bullying. Cyber bullying is a crime too. Let’s make the best use of this hack to put a good stop to it.